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I am currently a "microsupport" engineer for Brooks/Cole Publishing Company in central California.

My professional background includes 23 years of active duty experience in
United States Marine Corps aviation maintenance, system research and development and logistics management.


Lest we forget-Iwo Jima, 1945 pictured above "Uncommon valor was a common virtue"

I worked on or with A6A, A6E, EA6A/B, HH46, UC12, and CH53E aircraft types. My last aviation assignment was as the Aircraft Maintenance Officer of a CH53E heavy helicopter squadron that participated in Desert Shield/Storm. I retired from active duty in 1994 to pursue my current career.


My first exposure to computers was in college in the mid 1970s. I submitted my very first FORTRAN computer program on punched cards in 1975! My first home computer was a kit-built Heathkit H-89 constructed during 1982. I have participated in the Beta testing of numerous software products and written many software reviews and other articles published in various periodicals. My major computer interests these days are Windows 3.x/DOS, Windows 95, 98 and NT4/5.0 setup, configuration and use, memory management and optimization. Just for fun, I'm also into flight simulation software.

What systems do I use? At home: A clone (ASUS motherboard) P133/64MB of RAM, 24x CDROM, Proaudio Spectrum 16 sound card running Windows 95 OSR2. At work: A Gateway P200 with of 64RAM that can boot either NT4.0 Workstation or Windows 95 OSR2 connected to a Microsoft Windows/NT, TCP/IP LAN/WAN.

I have my own webpages called "ATP/Pro Pilot Corner" and "Windows/DOS Help". I have also authored a few other webapges currently online. I write periodically for both Computer Pilot and MicroWings magazines. I was selected in 1997 and 1998 as a Microsoft "MVP" based on my assisting numerous computer users via the open forum/access USENET newsgroups.

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